About Us. Twenty-Five years of exceptional service.

We were established twenty-years ago and continue to offer an exceptional level of service. Based on our management teams previous experience in cleaning health care facilities our challenge was to apply those high standards to the commercial market. Consequently, we have adopted a methodology that not only meets but exceeds the requirements of most buildings while meeting or exceeding GS-37 and GS-42 guidelines.

We have featured many innovative techniques long before they became the accepted format. Benefits include a more uniform application of services with inherent cost effectiveness. A good quality control program is essential and is monitored by the same management/owner staff in order to apply the same high standard in all accounts. Emphasis is on controlled growth in order to retain a loyal client base.

Our Workforce

Our most valuable asset is our employees and we strive to cultivate a strong foundation for all workers to succeed and feel like part of the team. We hire for the long term and seek only individuals that exhibit a willingness to learn and grow with the organization. Consequently, our turnover rate is low with most promotions coming from within our staff. A properly trained worker who completely understand expectation does well and benefits from positive reinforcement along the way.